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The Construction History Society of America

The Construction History Society of America (CHSA) is dedicated to the study of the history of construction and the evolution of all aspects of the built environment including its creation, maintenance and management.  It is a forum for scholars and professionals in the fields of construction history and the built environment to engage, share and exchange ideas and research.

The organization is unique in that it embraces multi-disciplinary perspectives to better understand the effects of heritage of building on contemporary and future societies. CHSA members share a passion for examining the complexities of how buildings, industrial works, civil engineering and infrastructure projects have been contrived and realized since the dawn of human activity.


Membership runs January thru December and annual dues include membership in CHSA and the Construction History Society (CHS).


CHSA members gather yearly for conferences and CHSA has initiated a new Webinar Series: "...and Other Tales of Construction History"   


CHSA's Newsletter and journal Construction History,  published by the Construction History Society in the United Kingdom. 


Info on the Construction History Society and our sister organizations around the world as well as links, videos, and books.



The Construction History Society of America is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation.

Construction History Society of America

Benjamin Ibarra-Sevilla - Chair

Marci S. Uihlein - Vice-chair

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