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Membership in CHSA is open to anyone interested in furthering the study and exploration of the history of construction as defined by the Society’s objectives.  Our membership includes academics, professionals, and amateurs with interests in all aspects of construction history. Your annual dues include membership in both the American branch (CHSA) and the international Construction History Society (CHS).

Through local, national and international meetings, through print and electronic publications, and through advocacy efforts for expanded scholarly insights into natural and human-created environments, CHSA members are engaged in scholarship in the emerging field of construction history.

Members of CHSA will receive our quarterly newsletters and all publications, including the journal Construction History, published by the Construction History Society (CHS).  CHSA members also receive reduced rates to attend CHSA’s biennial meetings and conferences.


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$100 / year

Membership is open to a broad range of professionals in construction-related disciplines, including those involved in the planning, development, design, construction, preservation, and operation of buildings and engineering infrastructure.

CHSA encourages other interested parties working for a Corporate / Institutional Member to join as Individual Members.



$300 / year

Members include companies, universities and colleges, museums, industry organizations, and government agencies. Members applying for this category should state one person entitled to receive all publications and communications.  


Institutional members will be recognized in all CHSA publications and at all events.


$150 / year

Supporting Members generously help fund  CHSA’s ongoing programming and   marketing efforts

in addition to its standard membership services.


$25 / year

Student Members must be currently enrolled in an academic program.



Lifetime Members support the CHSA’s mission to   study and encourage  research in the history and evolution of the built environment.  


Lifetime members will be recognized in all CHSA publications and at all events.

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