American Society Overview


The Construction History Society was formed in 1982 and is based in the United Kingdom. The Society publishes annually ‘Construction History,’ a scholarly journal and the leading international publication in its field that is highly respected worldwide. In addition periodic newsletters are sent to the membership with illustrated articles, news items and reviews of events, books and periodicals.

In 2003, the first International Congress on Construction History was held in Madrid, followed in 2006 by the Second Congress at Queens College, Cambridge and the Third in 2009 at the Brandenburg Technical University in Cottbus. This year the Fourth Congress was held in Paris which was attended by 350 construction historians; Over two hundred papers were presented covering a wide range of topics. The next Congress will be held in Chicago in 2015.

With interest in construction history growing in the United States an organizing committee was formed in May 2007. Since then an American Branch has been incorporated, a newsletter launched and an inaugural event was held in November 2008 in Atlanta. A second biennial meeting took place in Philadelphia in May 2010 and the third in Boston in November 2012. The 4th Biennial meeting will be held in Minneapolis in 2014. The organizing effort was supported by the College of Architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology.