About the Construction History Society of America

The Construction History Society of America (CHSA) is dedicated to the study of the history of construction and the evolution of all aspects of the built environment including its creation, maintenance and management.  It is a forum for scholars and professionals in the fields of construction history and the built environment to engage, share and exchange ideas and research.

The organization is unique in that it embraces multi-disciplinary perspectives to better understand the effects of heritage of building on contemporary and future societies. CHSA members share a passion for examining the complexities of how buildings, industrial works, civil engineering and infrastructure projects have been contrived and realized since the dawn of human activity.

Membership Eligibility

Membership is open to a broad range of professionals in construction-related disciplines, including those involved in the planning, development, design, construction, preservation and operation of buildings and engineering infrastructure.  Through local, national and international meetings, through print and electronic publications, and through advocacy efforts for expanded scholarly insights into natural and human-created environments, CHSA members are engaged in the emerging field.

Our History

The Construction History Society of America (CHSA) was organized in May 2007. It is a branch of the Construction History Society (CHS), based in the United Kingdom. Since its inception, CHSA has hosted six biennial meetings: in Atlanta (2008), Philadelphia (2010), Boston (2012), Minneapolis (2014), Austin, Texas (2016) and a 10th anniversary meeting in Seattle in 2017.  Our most recent 2018 biennial meeting was held in May 2018 at the University of Maryland / College Park.

Membership Benefits

Members of the CHSA receive a quarterly newsletter focusing on American construction history, as well as full benefits of membership of the UK CHS: Construction History, a scholarly journal and the leading international publication in its field, the CHS magazine, and links to scholars in the field worldwide. CHSA members also received discounted registration to CHSA-sponsored events.

The Construction History Society of America is proud to have hosted the 5th International Congress on Construction History, which took place in Chicago in June 2015. Nearly three hundred delegates from twenty-one countries attended the Congress. Proceedings from the Congress may be ordered in three volumes (Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3).  This was the first time the Congress was held outside Europe following the four previous congresses hosted by Madrid (2003), Cambridge (2006), Cottbus (2009), Paris (2012).  The 6ICCH was recently held in Brussels (2018).