One of the defining activities of the Construction History Society of America is its biennial meeting, and members are invited to attend our events at a discounted rate.  From its beginning in 2007, the society has recognized the value of having scholars, students and friends gather to exchange ideas and explore the discipline of construction history.  Our annual meeting is a combination of business, scholarship, exploration and merriment and we aim to select diverse locations within the geographic boundaries of the society.

Plenary and technical sessions as well as tours are organized to present the latest research, take advantage of the location, show off our host department, and for the general benefit of attendees.  Each meeting is directed by a member of the society who presides as the program director and is supported by an academic institution which hosts the meeting.

CHSA also organizes meetings on the off year, often in collaboration with compatible organizations, and members attend International Congresses in conjunction with the Construction History Society.  The Fifth International Congress on Construction History (5ICCH) was held in Chicago in 2015 and was organized by the Construction History Society of America.


The Construction History Society of America © is a 501 (C) 3 organization.

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